Monday, January 7, 2019

Wearing women's jeans unnoticed

I have a large number of women’s jeans hanging in my closet, just waiting for a chance to be worn somewhere. I can’t understand who decided that women’s jeans should only have the tiniest of pockets!

Women don’t want to carry a purse all the time. And those pockets barely squeeze an empty wallet, while a smart phone hangs out like double-Ds in an undersized bra. And who wants to hold their keys precariously the whole time.

I did rediscover an old hack this weekend that let me wear one of my favorite pairs completely unnoticed. It was cold and rainy, so I chose to wear a longer shirt which covered up my half-exposed smart phone. And a jacket with nice pockets that I could double up as my purse for the day.

Other than fitting me better than any of my guy jeans, nobody noticed that I was a guy wearing women’s jeans!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Fitting back into the dress

Two years ago, I splurged at a thrift store on the most amazing evening dress. It fit exactly at the time, but a few months later, it was impossible to pull the zipper up. A few more months, my fingers struggled and kept failing to close the zipper. Breathe in, inhale, exhale, suck it in, morning time, evening time, nothing worked.

I finally had a reason to lose a few pounds. I've never done well with diets, I love food too much, I hate giving up my cravings. This time, though, saying yes to fitting back into that dress motivated me.

I started off slow, getting rid of the 2nd and 3rd dessert helpings. Cut down from 3 meals a day, my metabolism only needs 2 meals. I cut down sugar. And added in more exercise.

The pounds slowly started to disappear. I finally took that dress out to try and magically, the zipper slid all the way up with no effort and with some of the trouble body spots no longer showing their shadows. It was exhilirating!

My skinny jeans also started to close with less strain, tops flowed more femininely, and other dresses started to suit my body more.

It's been a couple of months, and I'm anxiously holding to a stable weight. I still enjoy many of my favorite foods, truly in moderation. I feel healthier and much more energetic.

All I needed was to be motivated by something I'm passionate about, fitting into that dress!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Swimsuit season

Summer's here, and it's swimsuit season. Finding a flattering swimsuit, one-piece, or two-piece, is an emotional, physical, and psychological challenge. Swimsuits have this amazing ability to highlight the troublesome body spots at just the moment we're trying to build confidence to look sexy.

One-piece swimsuits, in black, with built-in cups, are great for hiding mid-rift problems, elongating long legs, and creating more cleavage. Their snugness in the crotch area helps hide male anatomical parts, while also accenting subtle rears. The only challenge with these is taking slipping out of them to use the bathroom, especially when they're wet.

Two-piece swimsuits, bikinis and tankinis, take some bold confidence to wear and some out-of-the-box thinking to solve body issues. Much easier to pull down when wet, for a quick bathroom trip or other escapade, they can also be easily worn under other clothes while letting bikini strings show around the neckline.

Espadrilles and wedges are practical shoe wear around pools and sand, offering height and balance. Stilettos up the overall sexiness of a swimsuit a few levels and guarantee attracting attention. Sling-back sandals, thong sandals, and strappy flats are comfortable to accessorize any swimsuit.

Purses complement swimsuit outfits, while providing a place to safely store jewelry, phones, sunglasses, makeup, sunblock, and enough other items for a day by the pool or beach.

Searching for new heels

A few weeks ago, I was out searching for a new pair of heels. Wearing a cute top, ultra skinny jeans, and sexy sling-back sandals, I stopped at one of my favorite shoe stores. The sales associate, a new girl I didn't recognize, instantly started helping me, showing me different options, and enticing me to try on two pairs of heels.

Sliding into a pair of caged metallic stilettos, the sales associate carefully looked over the heels and my whole outfit, then complimented me on how well I was able to wear them. She then persuaded me to try another pair of strappy stilettos in a color I don't usually buy, pink. Again she looked over the heels and my whole outfit, and excitedly remarked how pink stilettos suited me.

Strutting around the store, I tried out the grip of the pink stilettos and noticed several customers looking over the heels and my outfit, then smiling approvingly. The sales associate seemed to be determined to help me find the perfect pair of heels, offering compliments, suggestions, and ideas.  It truly was an uplifting experience!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Out in a dress

A couple weeks ago, I wore a dress out in public for the first time. A dark casual dress paired with leggings, flats, a purse, and subtle jewelry. Truly one of the better outfits I've assembled.

The Sales Associate at one of my favorite stores was estatic to see me and couldn't stop showering me with smiles, approving looks, and appreciative comments. She often helps me find feminine pieces for myself, but has only seen me in male mode and women's shoes during my numerous shopping visits. We chatted for a while about numerous topics and I gained insight into why she was also so supportive.

I've worn women's pants, tops, and shoes out numerous times, but never had the strength to wear a dress. I often opted for clothing that I could easily hide behind in case I ran into someone I knew.

Finally, I decided not to hide. It truly was an outing! And the first of several outings wearing a dress out.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Honest Interview

I was shopping at a new thrift store in full guy mode (not even my usual subtle flats) when I ended up having one of the most honest conversations about my crossdressing with another customer.

While looking at a ultra-discounted clearance rack, I heard a woman nearby comment about the good deals in the store. I responded and pointed out how they even had this unbelieveably discounted rack. Curious about the deals, she politely asked to peek at the blouses I was holding, one of which peeked her interest. Noticing it was actually her size, I politely offered it to her and said something that the blouse would probably look better on her than me. Appreciatively, she accepted the offer, then curiously asked me about my comment, was I really looking at the blouses for myself. That's when an amazing conversation of her questions and my answers began....

"Are you a crossdresser?" "Yes, I am."

"I've never met a crossdresser before."

"Do you like women's clothes?" "I do, I love women's fashions and blending them into outfits. Guys clothes tend to be a bit boring, never really changing much in style."

"Do you have a boyfriend (pause) or a girlfriend?" "I'm actually married, I have a wife."

"Is your wife okay with you dressing as a woman?" "Well, she would prefer I didn't, but she's okay with some subtle things as long as they're appropriate, classy, and subtle. She doesn't really want to be part of it, and definitely doesn't want to go out with me wearing a dress or a skirt."

"So you're married, did she know before you got married?" "Sort of, but not all the details. I didn't fully understand it myself."

"You understand it now?" "I do, I understand crossdressing a lot more now. It really took a long time to figure things out."

"She must be afraid for you." "Yeah, she's worried that someone might not be accepting and do something bad."

"She'll lose you one day." "We had that conversation too."
"How did it go?" "It went okay."

"Crossdressing is more accepted now.  Wasn't before."


At that point, the interview changed more into a conversation as this woman shared details of her life, the passing of her mother-in-law whom she adored, her selfless looking after her sick in-laws, a successful son and daughter, and ending with her being thankful for this pleasant conversation.

It felt good to be honest, to be me.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Compliments while shopping

Most shopping outings in mixed male mode, wearing women's flats, are uneventful. Today's wasn't.

It started out with a visit to one of my favorite thrift stores, owned by a wonderful lady who treats me with the same customer service and friendliness as all her other female clients. We started off with a long chat about life topics, and off I went to try on some items off the $1 rack. Needing a second opinion, I modeled a cute jacket with a pair of wedges, thinking they were decently coordinated. The compliments she gave me sealed my purchase, along with a few other finds. As I was leaving with my purchases, I decided to wear my new jacket and wedges out of the store since they really complimented the rest of my male outfit.

There's another new, small thrift store I spotted the other day, so I decided to visit it. The minute I walked in, I seemed to be showered with attention from the women working and shopping there. One woman asked, "Do you wear high heels?" while observing my wedges. Excitedly, she called a friend over to check my footwear out and remarked how impressed she was that I wear heels since she can't without feeling immense foot and back pain. Numerous times she repeated the compliment, and her friend was very approving of my wedges.

I spotted a pair of red pumps, and their curiosity peaked even more. Trying the hot pumps on, both women complimented me on them and encouraged me to get them. The cashier noted the red pumps I carried towards her and excitedly claimed how cute they looked, asking if I was going to get them. She even had me try them on just to see how well they went with my jeans and jacket, and again complimented me on how well they looked on me with my height.

I purchased my find, and walked out wearing my new red heels, ending a pleasantly eventful shopping outing full of compliments.